One of our more recent events… a gala dinner in the stunning Barossa Valley!

Barossa gala dinner - Barrel Room

A simple, elegant set up… the hanging foliage from the ceiling really brought the room to life….

We love the challenge of working in new destinations, with different venues, creating something original for each and every one of our clients…. we never do the same thing twice!

Quirky human statues!

Quirky human statues!

We love to be different…..!


Grapes and vines

Rustic theming using grapes and vines to really give that ‘Barossa feel’….

It’s amazing how some of the simplest concepts can work so well!

We proudly present… Jacqui

Name: Jacqui
Surname: Cartwright
Years of work experience: heaps
Years with M-A-D: 12
Responsibilities: all group logisitics
What I like the most about my job: I get to go out there and do it!!
What I like about my partner: Great sense of humour
How I like my eggs: poached
What I would do if rudolph the red nosed reigndeer showed up in ur yard: Offer him some hay
My favorite season in the year: The wet season
Because: Everything comes alive!!

My favourite M-A-D Photo:

We proudly present… Caroline

Name: Caroline
Surname: McConaghy
Years of work experience: 29
Years with M-A-D: Nearly 2 months
Responsibilities: Financial Controller
What I like the most about my job: The challenge & the work environment!
What I like about my partner: Too many things to list
How I like my eggs: Runny!
What I would do if rudolph the red nosed reigndeer showed up in ur yard: Try and catch him….maybe throw a saddle on him.
My favorite season in the year: Winter
Because: It doesn’t last long and I like putting on the fire and warm clothes.

Favourite M-A-D photo:

Cane Cutters Ball

We proudly present… Vicki

Name: Vicki
Surname: Kurth
Years of work experience: 30 – thats a lot!!!
Years with M-A-D: 21 years
Responsibilities: Director
What I like the most about my job: Being the boss
What I like about my partner: his legs
How I like my eggs: hard boiled
What I would do if rudolph the red nosed reigndeer showed up in ur yard: I would be incredibly excited
My favorite season in the year: Spring
Because: It is beautiful and not too hot and not too cold!

My favourite M-A-D Photo:

We proudly present… Byron

Name: Byron
Surname: Kurth
Years of work experience: Too many!
Years with M-A-D: 20 years
Responsibilities: Still working that out…! :-)
What I like the most about my job: New people, exciting places & new ideas
What I like about my partner: Her positivity
How I like my eggs: Hard
What I would do if rudolph the red nosed reigndeer showed up in ur yard: I would ask whether santa and the tooth fairy were real as well
My favorite season in the year: Now
Because: The wind drops the sea is calm and the thunderstorms arrive

My favourite M-A-D Photo:



M-A-D proudly presents…

As you may know, M-A-D, Managing Australian Destinations, is an established destination management company (DMC) working with corporate, business groups and private individuals Australia-wide.

But who are the people behind these great events?

In the next few days one team member will be introduced each day. Presenting the M-A-D Team!

For further information feel free to have a look at our webpage: or to contact us:


Phone:  (07) 40994308

Do you want a Christmas Party with a difference?

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It’s time to mix fun, energy and team play with Christmas parties!

A Christmas Gift with Twist, Alice in the Jungle, The Art of Expression, Mystics and Mayhem, Dancing with the Stars, Host a Murder or the Chocolate Challenge are just some of our really special activities we are offering for a Christmas Party with a difference!

You all will have fun whilst building bikes for needy children, negotiating a series of puzzles to find your way through the city streets, creating a Christmas Movie, learning a dance routine with professional instructors, enjoying a delicious dinner combined with a host a murder game or creating your own masterpieces of chocolate.

Doesn’t that all sound TOO good to be true?! :)

I think it is time to organize the best Christmas Party you ever had – let us help you with that!


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Have you ever jumped out of a plane and enjoyed the stunning views and the feeling of flying like a bird, before landing on a white sandy beach in tropical paradise?!

The M.A.D. Girls experienced exactly that last weekend at stunning Mission Beach. This was M-A-D’s unique way of saying goodbye to Michaela, our fantastic intern who has been with us for the last three months, and welcoming Vanessa who will be with us for the next six months.  Both girls were in for the challenge of their lives!

The jump from 14.000 feet and the 60second free fall were simply an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. There are no words to describe the feeling – just INCREDIBLE! Plummeting towards earth and screaming your lungs out, not knowing if you are upside-down or inside out and the adrenaline pumping through your body taking your breath away… the most exciting and exhilarating sensation ever!!

This was just the first of many crazy experiences that Vanessa will endure throughout the next six months working with the M.A.D – Team! To keep up with our adventures, check out our Facebook page and Blog – it never will get boring!



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Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose
beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity.
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

Bikes 4 Tykes

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This team building event started a few days ago by splitting the group into 20 teams of 4 .  Then, everyone was informed of their goal; to build a bike.  The problem for them though was that they had no parts!

The parts for all of the bikes must be earned through the completion of different challenges. Once the parts were sourced and the bikes were completed, a qualified bike mechanic inspected them and reported any defects to the judges.  The team that built their bike to 100% first was the winner.

Now, here came the charitable part.  During this whole time, the team was led to believe this was simply a team building exercise; they weren’t informed of the final destination of the bikes that they were building.  Once all the teams had completed their bikes though, the children were brought in, and the teams got to give their newly built bikes to a needy child. These children were selected from the local community by Variety.

This created a very powerful experience for the participants, one that they’ll remember, and in turn, will help them to remember all that they learned during this team building event for a long time to come!