Gourmet Gladiators

Star in your own reality show!

You provide the labour and we provide the equipment, ingredients and expertise for your team to create their own cooking event.

On arrivals guests will be split into teams of 10 whilst the MC begins the proceedings. They will be served canapes and beverages whilst the briefing takes place.

Each team are given funny money to achieve their gourmet outcome. They will start by bidding for their chef, who will then act as their Team Leaders, then they will be given detailed instructions on what lies ahead. Once a three course menu is proposed, with the rest of the cash they will then have to purchase their products from the magnificently stocked market stalls.

Throughout the night teams will be judged using the videorgrapher that they have on hand.

Following the activity guests will move to an adjacent room for a dinner cooked by the professionals.












Valentine’s Day is Your Day

Love and romanticism are in the air…

Your Lady this year is looking for something special, something you will remember forever. Pick up one of our gorgeous activities and let Valentine’s Day be YOUR Day!

Here following some examples as a “love message in a bottle”, a romantic air baloon tour, Champagne and chocolate, a beautiful sunset on the sea…

This and even more on : http://www.m-a-d.com & http://www.portdouglaseventsandhire.com






Dinner at the Crocodile’s Farm!

Sometimes it’s a necessity to leave the 5 star luxury aside and take ourselves back to the rural & rustic era. A simple yet relaxing time. Our last event on Friday we did just this.

The set up for this open-air dinner was simply amazing, set at the renowned Hartley’s crocodile Farm, with no reception may I add were your classic white tables and chair covers with blue & white centerpieces, hay bales couches, hessian covers, stage decor with bull skulls, horse saddles, old country working tools, barbed wire and trees everywhere. The perfect Bush Bash!

Take a look at our pictures below and tell us what you think!


The final result


Funny Coach


Rustic Stage


Stage Details